About GetHeard.org

GetHeard.org was created to provide a networking outlet for independent producers, singers and songwriters. Artists can submit music, and selected tracks will be played event night while their profile is displayed on a large screen for all to see. Participate- or just come to listen!

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1) Song must be your own original work (See FAQ about covers, etc for more detailed info)

2) The song cannot be longer than (5) minutes in length (fade outs are fine if they are longer but nothing extreme, please!)

3) Submit a high quality version (.wav or as close to 320 Kbit mp3 as possible)

3) Please try to EQ your submission to prevent any clipping (red lining)! This will make our job a lot easier

4) Nothing too vulgar, crude, racist, etc. Let's keep it classy

You are a good candidate to submit music and "GetHeard" if:

- You will be able to attend the Event in person*
- You are a producer who makes original music
- You are a singer/songwriter who has recorded original material
- You are in a band that has recorded original material

*Check event time and location before sumbitting, no-shows will not have their music played the night of the Event.

GetHeard.org truly believes music is the one and only "universal" language, and expect and hope for a very diverse gathering of artists. We are accepting all genres of music- Electronic, Hip-Hop/R&b, Rock, Pop, Country, etc. As long as the song is not vulgar or offensive, it will be fully considered for live play.

Cover songs will not be approved for play at the Event. In very specific cases we may approve remixes (or vocals recorded over existing songs). In general, we are looking for original music only.

Please submit one song for the event. The event is meant to expose your music to a bigger audience and direct more traffic to your website/soundcloud/etc page. In certain cases, depending on time available and quality of submission, we can make an exception. If an additional opening is available, we will contact you directly.

Music submitted is for live play at the specific event only and for your promotion after the event on our SoundCloud page’s event tracklist.  However, if you’re not ok with letting us host it on the tracklist just let us know. We’re just trying to get you as much exposure as possible! Otherwise, work will not be used for any other reason without expressed written consent from the artist.

We will close submissions at 12:00 AM Thursday, February 20th.

Submitting your song makes it privately shared with GetHeard, and once it is screened and accepted, it will be made available on the GetHeard SoundCloud page after the event.

The idea behind "Getting Heard" actually involves " Getting Seen" at the same time.  During the Event, the profile information you provide in our submission form is put into a custom DVD that is played for the Event attendees. So while your track is being played, everyone can see your name, logo, social networking links, etc. They can even tweet about your music in our live event channel.  After the event, we will provide information about our Soundcloud group page where participating artists can further share their music with interested (and hopefully some NEW) fans.

You must be present at the event for us to play your song. Why? We’re about keeping it local at the moment and helping these events grow organically. We want to get NYC artists exposed to each other for networking opportunities so that we might see even better music come out as a result. You are more than welcome to check out the playlist on our Soundcloud page after the event.

Anyone and Everyone! Invite your friends, relatives, coworkers, strangers! Grandma's invited, too!

The song you tried to submit is most likely already on SoundCloud, and SoundCloud does not let you post the same song more than once. You can either upload a song that is not already on SoundCloud or email your song to submit at getheard dot org. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE SONG NAME ON YOUR GETHEARD SUBMISSION FORM IS THE SAME AS THE SONG YOU UPLOADED ONTO SOUNDCLOUD!

A basic “profile” of the artist, which contains website and contact information, will be shown while the artist’s song is being played. A list of the songs will be posted on the GetHeard website after the event as well. You’ll also be able to find the track again on our GetHeard soundcloud page where we’ll keep tracklists from previous events.

There is no cover charge to attend a GetHeard event.

A web site or logo is not a requirement.
However, you must submit at least one artist or band photo and you should list as much information about your song as possible. You can always include a story of what the song was written about, what instruments/software were used to record it, or any other information you think others would find interesting to read while the song is playing.